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The Good Side of Taxes:

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MH900407228Become a Tax Volunteer for VITA and TCE

Got some free time on your hands? Turn it into time well spent by becoming a tax volunteer for Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) or Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE). These community-based programs provide free tax return preparation for people who need tax help but can’t afford it, such as seniors and people with disabilities.

No experience in preparing taxes – no problem. As a volunteer, you’ll get special training and can choose to work in a variety of roles. For example, if you’re bilingual (or beyond!) you could be a big help to people who don’t speak English.

MH900295311If you’re a veteran – and even if you’re not a veteran – being a VITA or TCE volunteer is one way you can help out military personnel and their families. They’re already occupied with risking their lives for the country, so let’s give them a hand with their tax preparation, okay?

In other words, it’s basically a win-win situation all around. Not only will you assist others, you’ll also learn a thing or two about taxes in the process. Yup, this is your chance to learn all the insider tips about deductions and credits like the Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, and Credit for the Elderly. How could you say no?

MH900200391Here’s another reason why you shouldn’t decline. Volunteer hours are flexible and minimal – about three to five hours per week. That’s like only thirty minutes a day! If only work could be so short and sweet…

Volunteering doesn’t sound too bad, does it? And getting there should be a breeze. Volunteer sites are located in neighborhood centers, libraries, schools, shopping malls, and other convenient locations all over the U.S. Think about it: you could take a nice walk to the site, help out some folks with their taxes for an hour, and then head home for dinner glowing from knowing you did your good deed for the day.

And you’ll be making history. As a VITA or TCE volunteer, you’ll become part of a program that’s helped people file tax returns at no charge for more than forty years. “It’s people helping people.”

MH900056116Ready to sign-up? Volunteer programs are open from mid-January through the tax filing deadline (April 15, 2014). Right now you should head over to and type “tax volunteer” in the search box for more info. The final step is to submit Form 14310, VITA/TCE Volunteer Sign Up, by email through the IRS website. Then you’ll be on your way to making the world a better place.

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Free Tax Support for Our Troops….

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Military personnel tax themselves to help their country, so their country is helping them with free tax return preparation assistance. The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program provides low-to-moderate-income soldiers and their spouses with free tax advice, tax preparation, and return filing. And our troops don’t have to travel far for this help: VITA sites are located everywhere, from libraries to shopping malls. This means less time fighting numbers and traffic, and more precious time with their families. 
The Armed Forces Tax Council is the name to know for military-related tax problems. It doesn’t matter if you’re a soldier on land, sea, or in the sky: the AFTC directs military tax programs worldwide and has program coordinators for the Marine Corps, Air Force, Army, Navy and Coast Guard. With VITA, they provide volunteers who are ready to help you solve common tax issues and also answer any military-specific tax questions you may have. These are the people to ask about combat zone tax benefits or Earned Income Tax Credit guidelines. Just head to a military-based VITA site with all of your relevant identification and financial information
Things can get a little hectic while protecting the country and filing taxes might be the last thing on your mind. There are filing extensions that the military personnel need to be aware of and take an advantage of.  Check out the Extension of Deadlines section of the Armed Forces Tax Guide, Publication 3, along with the extension Form 4868; these documents will provide some breathing room for our military families. The IRS is doing what it can to make taxes as painless as possible for our troops. 
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