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Holiday Guide Part 1:

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MH90025087910 Holiday Tips for a Merry Season…

Celebrate on a budget:

Before you buy everything on everybody’s Christmas list, write your own list of how much you can afford to spend on gifts, travel, decorations, and other holiday expenses. Then keep track of your spending as you go. If you’re on a budget too tight for comfort, look around for seasonal employment. Businesses need extra help during the holidays, and if you’re good enough at your job, you could start the new year with a permanent position!

Save money, save your house, and save the planet:

MH900408841When coming up with a budget, don’t forget to figure in the wintertime electricity bill. Using LED holiday lights will save you energy and money, and since they’re cooler than incandescent bulbs, they reduce the risk of fires. Just to be safe though, don’t overload electrical sockets and make sure your smoke alarm has new batteries. You should also buy rechargeable batteries for all of those electronic gifts to help reduce the amount of harmful materials thrown away. Finally, after the holidays, look for ways to recycle your tree instead of just sending it to a landfill.

Buy age-appropriate toys:

Although we know that every kid ends up playing with the cardboard box instead of the actual toy, you should still remember that toys have age-labels for a reason: it’s not safe to give a two year old something meant for children ages 7+. So don’t give toys with small parts or sharp edges to small children. And if you buy your child a bike or skateboard, please don’t forget the helmet.

MH910217103Give yourself the gift of health:

With the holidays, comes lots of food, and with lots of food, comes gaining weight. Listen to your heart before you add an extra-large slice of apple pie to the extra-large slice of pumpkin pie already on your plate: it will tell you to avoid those extra calories. If you do decide to indulge, balance it out by taking a walk with your family after dinner. And make sure you put away the leftovers as soon as you get back from walking. To save all that still-good food safe from nasty bacteria, never leave it sitting out for more than two hours and store it in shallow containers at the appropriate temperature.

MH900155008Give the gift of service:

Last week’s blog brought up ways you can help foster children. However, there is so much more that needs to be done, especially during the holiday season. Instead of rushing to open presents on Christmas morning, take two hours to help out at a local soup kitchen or food bank. Not only will this will cheer you up if you’ve got the holiday blues, you’ll also ensure that other people have a happy holiday. 

MH900410591Happy Holidays!  

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Pay to Play in CA: Are Californians Entitled to Paid Holidays?

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closed for holiday

Holidays are a great time to get together with family and friends. They can be joyful celebrations of happy times or remembrances of momentous occasions in our nation’s history. People often get time off from work to be able to properly observe national holidays.

But this isn’t necessarily the case for Californians. Did you know that California law does not require an employer to provide employees with paid holiday time off?

In fact, according to this article, the California Department of Industrial Relations states that “hours worked on holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays are treated like hours worked on any other day of the week.” Furthermore, California legislation specifically states that no business is required to “close its business on any holiday, or that employees be given the day off for any particular holiday.”

This not only means that employers can require employees to work on national holidays, but also that they don’t owe employees additional compensation for working during these holidays. However, companies are still mandated by law to pay overtime at a minimum of time-and-a-half to employees for working more than forty hours per week, and that includes time worked during holidays.

Conversely, employers can also shut down business on any holiday without compensating employees for the loss of a day’s work. With so many Californians struggling financially, this can be a significant loss to some employees.

But there are still things to be thankful for. If you work for a California company that does offered you paid holidays off, this means that it’s the employer’s policy, and is not mandated by law. The same goes for holiday pay (usually time-and-a-half). If you work for a company that has a paid holiday time policy, be sure to thank your CEO the next time you see him.

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