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Has All Pride Been Swallowed?

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guys_89_M4Below Average is the New Average

Have you noticed that we take no pride in our actions nowadays? Or is it that we no longer have any shame in our actions – or non-actions?  Maybe the question should be “Have you no shame?”

I recently received a handful of homework assignments from my students, and let me tell you, they were shamefully bad. The writing was barely decipherable, and never mind the numbers and calculations. Oh, and some papers were physically dirty with coffee and food stains. The work was sloppy to say the best and despicable to say the least. I was angry at first, then anger turned into disappointment.

images“Where is our pride? Have we lost it? Why haven’t we strive for ‘excellence’ instead of ‘just okay, that’ll do, happy with passing?’ Why is ‘just getting by’ an actual goal instead of seeking brilliance?”  My students were speechless when I asked them these questions. 

I told them to re-do all of the assignments in a more polished manner. “Pretend those assignments are your financial statements being given to your company’s shareholders, and the retention of your job is dependent upon the appearance of the documents. You should be proud to place your name on the presentation!”

motivational_quote_work_hard_and_be_proud_of_what_your_achieveWell, my soap-box speech reached 50% of my class, which was more than I had hoped for. And I was pleased with that 50%. Wait, did I just lower my expectations to meet the mass “I don’t care” generation?  Shame on me!

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