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IRS Delivers Document Delivery Regulations:

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Regular Postmark is Out the Door…

Have you ever needed to ensure a document was delivered to the IRS on or before a specific date?  How can you prove it? 
Snail mail is still alive and well in terms of sending paperwork to the IRS. So what happens when your documents – i.e. your personal tax returns due on October 15th – arrive late or don’t arrive at all to your local Department of Treasury office? Well, let’s hope you have an acceptable postal receipt as proof of delivery.
On August 23, the IRS issued final regulations on how to establish evidence of document delivery when your documents don’t actually get delivered. Basically, you need to provide proof that you sent your papers to the IRS on time with registered/certified mail through the USPS or a private delivery service.  According to the regulations, only proper use of registered or certified mail, or a service of a private delivery service will constitute prima facie evidence of delivery of documents.  The final regulations apply to any payment or document mailed or delivered in an envelope with a postmark dated after Sept. 21, 2004 (not a misprint – 2004). 
That means no more midnight run to the post office seconds before the taxes are due.  Your tax return may be considered as late filing, since now a good ole’ postmark technically isn’t “prima facie evidence” that you mailed your documents before the deadline. 
You better cross your fingers and pray, when you stick that first-class stamp on your envelope, and send it with no additional proof of delivery services. So if your document gets delayed and past its due date, or the IRS never receives it at all, you’re pretty much out of luck.
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