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SEC Ups the Ante Against Fraud:

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MH900412564Announces New Task Forces

Things  just got real over at the Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC  announced the formation of not one, but two task forces, along with a  Center for Analytics. The mission of these initiatives: to “build on the Division of Enforcement’s ongoing efforts to concentrate resources on  high-risk areas of the market and bring cutting-edge technology and  analytical capacity to bear in its investigations.” Great!

Now  what? That all sounds nice and motivated, but what does it actually  mean? Well one task force, the Financial Reporting and Audit Task Force, will focus on fraud detection, fraud detection, and fraud detection.  The mission here is, if you didn’t get it, to crack down on fraud with  real world results. That means increased prosecution of violations  involving false financial statements and disclosures. Bad guys better  beware because although this Task Force doesn’t have a Batmobile,  they’ll still be using fancy technology-based tools such as the  Accounting Quality Model.

MH910217210Next up for the Good Guys and Gals  in the battle against financial evil is the Microcap Fraud Task Force.  No, this is not a tiny task force, but they do have some big shoes to  fill, building on the extensive work of the Microcap Fraud Working Group created in 2010. This Task Force will be looking into fraud in the  issuance, marketing, and trading of microcap securities. Because these  abuses usually involve the same old violators and big bad organized  syndicates, the Task Force will be targeting “gatekeepers” and their  main stomping grounds – websites and social media.

Every  superhero needs a sidekick, so back at the base the Center for Risk and  Quantitative Analytics (CRQA) will support and coordinate the Division’s risk identification, risk assessment, and data analytic activities.  This will be the place for data on fraud patterns and characteristics,  and the CRQA will serve as a central point of contact for risk-based  initiatives nationwide. The Securities and Exchange Commission is  working hard to make the financial industry a more secure arena, so  let’s appreciate these actions being taken to combat fraud.

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Whistleblowers Wanted:

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MH900084382Report Suspected Tax Fraud

To catch a thief, the IRS needs your help. If you suspect someone might be bending certain tax laws, don’t just stand there – do something! There’s a variety of tax frauds, so the IRS has conveniently created a chart to explain which form you’ll need to fill out in order to make the tax world a better place.

Direct your pen to Form 3949-A, Information Referral, if you suspect an individual/business of false exemptions or deductions, kickbacks, false/altered documents, failure to pay taxes, unreported income, failure to withhold, or organized crime. Then congratulate yourself on doing the right thing.

MH900422392Identity theft is also a type of tax fraud. If you believe that someone is posing as you and has used your SSN for employment purposes or to file a tax return, pick up Form 14039, Identity Theft Affidavit. The sooner you submit the form, the sooner the impostor will be caught.

Maybe your friendly neighborhood tax preparer has been getting rich a little too quickly. If you suspect fraudulent activity or an abusive tax scheme by a tax return preparer/company, report it on Form 14157. You’ll need both this form and Form 14157-A if you also think a tax return preparer filed or altered your return without your consent.

If you have information about a suspicious tax promotion or promoter, whip out Form 14242 and show that fake promotion who’s boss. And finally, if you notice misconduct or wrongdoing by an exempt organizationor employee plan, complain about it on Form 13909, Tax-Exempt Organization Complaint (Referral) Form.

MH900383616Reporting tax fraud is a good deed and should be reward enough by itself. However, for anyone who needs extra motivation, check out Form 211, Application for Award for Original Information. Sometimes it pays to be a whistleblower.  Do the right thing, it is hard, but it is very, very rewarding!!!


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