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Oh Thank Heaven! You Can Pay Income Taxes with Cash at…7-Eleven?

That’s right, you can now visit your local 7-Eleven to buy a nice cold soda, a bag of chips, a lottery ticket…and pay your income taxes. This year, the IRS and the convenience store chain will be making things more convenient for anyone who owes taxes and doesn’t have a bank account, checks, or a credit card.

In the past, any folks who wanted to pay their taxes with cold hard cash needed to travel to an IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center. However, these offices can be few and far between. Now people can quite literally go just around the corner to any 7-Eleven and pay their income taxes with cash. Just remember that a 7-Eleven probably isn’t the safest place to wave around a big wad of money, so stay smart and watchful.

The option is made possible via a partnership between the IRS and ACI Worldwide’s and the PayNearMe Company. Since most 7-Elevens are open all day every day and more than 7,000 stores are participating across the country, paying with cash is almost as easy as paying online. It does take about 5 – 7 business days to process though  — anyone trying to pay by the April 16 filing deadline will be out of luck.

Also, before taxpayers grab their greenbacks and hurry out the door, they must go online to start the payment process. Head over to the payments page, look for the “other ways you can pay” section, select the cash payment option, and read the instructions. You can pay up to $1,000 each time, with a $3.99 charge for each transaction. Just remember to bring extra dough with you for the donuts and coffee.


P.Ssss… Here a preview on what you need to do to pay your taxes by cash… 



Step 1

Visit the Official Payments site and follow the instructions to make a cash payment with PayNearMe.

Step 2

You’ll receive an email from Official Payments confirming your information. The IRS will then verify your information. This process may take two to three days.

Step 3

After the IRS verifies your information, PayNearMe will then send you an email with a link to your payment code and instructions. Either print the payment code at home or send it to your smartphone.

Final step

Go to the retail store listed in the PayNearMe email and ask the clerk to scan or enter your payment code. You will receive a receipt from the store after they accept your cash. This receipt is confirmation of your payment and should be kept for your records. It usually takes two business days for your payment to post to your account.

Really?!  Just write a check and be done with it!




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