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Kitties 2012In Loving Memory of Jasmine

Jasmine_July 2012You may laugh at me and label me as the “Crazy Cat Lady.”  But Jasmine was a loyal companion, reliable, honest, no arguments, no disagreements, no surprises, minimum requirements for care with maximum love and affections guaranteed. Pets are hands-down the best candidate for a life partner. So, before you disregard another’s love and grief for his/her pet, perhaps you should adopt one and see what the fuzz is all about…

I met her when she was only 7 weeks old. She was a beautiful girl with long black and white hair, with extra toes for each of her front paw! I fell in love with her right away. She was very sweet and protective of me, following me everywhere around the house. Wherever I was, she wasn’t far behind, almost always within arm’s reach.

Every day, she was the first one to greet me in the morning, and the first one to welcome me when I got home from work. She hardly ever complained, just wanted her food and a visit to the patio for some sun and greens. She was not a picky eater by any means; however, she did have a bit of a stomach problem, poor girl.

She was very vigilant, and followed visitors everywhere, letting them know who was in charge of the house with her watchful eyes. She was not a big fan of the female species, but learned to tolerate them over time.

She adored the patio. She loved the greenery, the sunshine, and the birds. Once in a while, she caught a bug here and there for a snack. And how she loved to harass her little brother, Ripley, by chasing him around, showing him who was boss!

She was very light on her feet. She loved high places and loved to give me a heart attack when she was perched high above the stairs.

Dec 8, 2014She loved to be petted all the time, and her purrs were like a running stream from a mountain brook, the smoothest sound I ever heard. How I miss that sound, and her soft fur, her beautiful big eyes and her sweet, sweet nature. And how she loved watching TV with me, sitting right in front of the TV and blocking part of my screen with her head going back and forth following the programs.  I miss my best little girl, my companion for over 12 years. How I loved her, my gentle Jasmine, gone too soon and all too sudden.

Jasmine PlantNow she’s resting in a beautiful cedar box, in a big pot with a lovely flowering plant, sitting in her favorite spot on the patio, catching those sun rays every day. Oh, how I miss my Jasmine. Your little brother sure misses cuddling with you too, Jasmine.

Love always,


(Jasmine lost the battle to cancer on Saturday, December 20th, 2014.)

One Response to “Jasmine…”

  1. Very sweet & nicely done.
    Jasmine will be missed.
    What a good Mama you are. 🙂
    Love you,

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