Remembering My Other Father…

In Family on June 23, 2014 by Sufen Wang

father2Father’s Day

This past Father’s Day took an unexpected turn of sadness for me as I stood in a card shop, browsing the Father’s Day card selection.

ByrnesThroughout our life journey, we acquire additional “mothers,” “fathers,” and “siblings”: people with whom we experience life’s ups and downs and who help us to survive the everyday. I am very fortunate to have met, adopted, and come to love mentors who are like my Father. One such gentleman was Gregory Puckett, my best friend Paul’s stepfather, who I met over 20 years ago. Paul passed in 1999 after a long battle with AIDS. His passing brought me closer to all of his family, including Greg, who I only knew of prior to Paul’s death.

fatherGreg and I had a special connection: business! He was a shrewd businessman – sharp and full of wisdom. We could sit and talk balance sheet, income statement, and finances like nobody’s business. We only visited with each other every once in awhile during the last 20 years, but whenever a situation had me stumped, I would call Greg and “talk it out.” He was my Father in terms of his guidance and patience; he called me his 4th daughter, his Chinese daughter. And I always remembered him every Father’s Day by sending him an adoring Father’s Day card. Greg passed away on September 24, 2013.

I stood in the card shop looking for Father’s Day cards this year, and suddenly realized that I was missing one card – Greg’s card. I was hit by an unexpected wave of sadness and deep loss; I was disoriented for a few seconds in the card shop, not knowing what to do next. I missed Greg. I had to leave the card store and just have a moment to myself for missing Greg.

untitledI will always remember Greg with his easygoing English-gentleman style of conversing and his sense of humor. I miss his many life stories; his wisdom about life’s experiences; his teachings at the craps table on the casino floor; his love of a Sunday newspaper. Quite simply I miss Greg, my English Father, on this Father’s Day. Let’s remember to celebrate those who have become family throughout the course of our lives.


April 29, 2012: Tom, Sufen, Peggy and Greg….


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