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qandaPlease Hold…Off on Calling the IRS: Point and Click for Quicker Answers


When the IRS phone lines are clogged, who you gonna’ call? You don’t – you hop on the computer and type in to access its always-available online tools. That’s right, these tools work 24/7 with no vacation to keep you in-the-know about your taxes, so show them some love.

There’s no question about which question is asked most: Where the heck is my refund? Unless you like listening to on-hold muzak, there’s no need to wait for the next available IRS representative – the Where’s My Refund? tool will give you the most up-to-date information.

YouTube Video: When Will I Get My Refund – English | Spanish

Man-cutting-phone-wireAvoid backed-up telephone lines when you’re looking for a back-up. If you need to validate income, tax filing status for mortgage, etc. you can quickly order a copy of your tax return or a transcript on Getting that fast doesn’t mean you’ll get your refund faster though.

What? If you find yourself rereading something tax-related, and no light bulb goes on, doing a keyword search on might make you see the light. You can narrow things down with the searchable income tax guide, Publication 17, or by searching specific keywords on the IRS Tax Map. Or if you’re a verbal learner who loves robotic voices call TeleTax at 1-800-829-4488 for recorded tax info.


Airline-hold-300x199There’s no need to plead with an IRS representative to please, please let me pay my tax bill later. The Online Payment Agreement tool will tell you in a minute if you qualify for an installment agreement, while the Offer in Compromise Pre-Qualifier will help determine if the IRS can let you off easy with an offer in compromise.

YouTube Video: Online Payment Agreement – English | Spanish | ASL

telephoneThere’s no question about which question is muttered most: Where the heck is my W-2? I know, it’s annoying when the boss wants you to do everything promptly, and then doesn’t send you a Statement of Earnings by Jan 31. Before you hit the IRS speed-dial button, the agency wants you to ask your employer nicely if they have the correct address on file. If the Form W-2 is still a no-show, then go ahead and contact the IRS so they can send a letter to the boss.

W-2 Missing? – English | Spanish | ASL

CartoonThat last one requires you to actually call the IRS (as a last resort). But otherwise, almost all tax answers are online. And you can even find them on the go with the IRS2Go Smartphone App. All of this is good because the IRS has changed the services provided at their toll-free telephone number and IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers due to limited resources. Do yourself a favor and make 1040 Central and the IRS Services Guide your first stop.

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