Just Do It!!!

In Accounting & Finances, Business, Culture on March 1, 2014 by Sufen Wang

WWS-Procrastinate1The First Step is the Always Hardest: Just Do It

Here’s an idea: what if everyone just did his or her assigned job? I am NOT talking about working beyond one’s responsibility, but rather, doing what one is supposed to do in the first place…nothing more. After all, you can’t do more until you finish first things first.

I have been in a constant battle with a property manager to give me her books, from January 2013 onward. I’ve written countless e-mails and made numerous phone calls following up with her, chasing after her for the books. And all of that so I can do MY JOB, like reconcile the bank accounts and see if there are bills that we missed, or hey, just close the damn books so I can get a loan refinanced or even sell the place.

A note pinned to a cork board with the text Do It Now! Later Becomes Never!The time wasted is unthinkable. The money missed is uncountable. The loss of opportunities is unrecoverable. The lack of response and urgency is unbelievable. I am not asking for her to go beyond her duties, but just to do her job on a timely basis! But maybe that’s asking too much in today’s society.

imagesI like to imagine a world where everyone does the job they “agreed upon.” What a concept, right? Do what you promised you would do…deliver on time what you promised to deliver…just do it! Think how much more fluidly everything would progress instead of this grating, grinding, stop-and-go procrastination and miscommunication. Work is already hard enough in and of itself; it doesn’t need to be made doubly stressful by people dragging their feet like they’re stuck in a swamp.

But all we can really do is ask these questions and hope there’s some response: Why is it so hard to just do it? Where is one’s integrity?  Where is one’s pride of accomplishment, of satisfaction? Because ultimately it’s up to those very individuals to realize how much easier life could be, if they Just Do It…

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