Tax Filing Part #2:

In Accounting & Finances, Business, Taxes on February 25, 2014 by Sufen Wang

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So maybe you know somebody who’s about as sharp as a marble when it comes to doing anything on the computer (here’s to you keyboard hunt-and-peckers). If telling them to take advantage of IRS Free File would be sending them to their doom, instead direct them to free tax preparation with the VITA and TCE programs.  


free-tax-prepVITA sites in neighborhoods across America provide free tax return preparation and e-filing to people who earn $52,000 or less. But folks already over the hill will want to check out their local TCE site, as it’s geared towards people 60 and up, with volunteers specializing in tax issues unique to seniors.


volunteersThe VITA and TCE programs come with all kinds of amenities. Some sites provide bilingual help so nothing important gets lost in translation. Even better, VITA provides free tax assistance to all military members and their families. Finally, going to VITA or TCE for tax preparation means no tax credit or deduction gets left behind:  volunteers make sure you claim every credit for which you’re eligible. Finally, now is the best time to start learning how to have no fear of technology. Some VITA sites let you prepare your tax returns using free web-based software and volunteers are on site to guide you if you feel faint with confusion.

Thousands of VITA and TCE sites are opening up this month. To find one nearest you, visit the “Free Tax Return Preparation for You by Volunteers” page on or pick up that good ole’ telephone and call 800-906-9887

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