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Stay Smart about Water Safety

It’s summer. Which means it’s hot. Which means people like to go swimming. Which means people should brush-up on their water safety knowledge. Especially since drowning is the fifth leading cause of unintentional injury death in the U.S.

It might seem obvious, but a major factor in drowning is not being able to swim. That refers to both children and adults. So guys, drop the macho man act, and don’t pretend you can swim if you can’t. There’s a reason why nearly 80% of people who drown are male.

This might also be news to some men out there: alcohol impairs both your motor abilities and motor boating abilities, and the sun heightens its effects. Alcohol is a factor in 70% of water recreation death sand it causes at least 1 in 5 boating fatalities. Water + heat + alcohol = one dangerous cocktail.  

Children are another group at risk, and 1 in 5 people who die from drowning are age 14 or younger. This is often due to lack of close supervision: leaving the kids alone in the pool for a minute is putting their lives at risk for a minute. There also needs to be a four-sided fence around water areas, such as your home pool, to keep out curious kids – and all kids are curious! 

You can prevent the worst from happening before you head out on the water. Take swimming lessons first. Check the forecast and if the weather looks stormy, postpone your day at the beach. If you see a rip tide, don’t even risk it.  (Rip Tide Safety Tip)  And don’t swim alone – pick a buddy and keep an eye on each other.

Life jackets got that name for a reason – they’re jackets that save your life. At least half of all boating deaths would not have been deaths if the victims had been wearing life jackets.  Yes, we know that wearing a life jacket may spoil your fashion style.  But put common sense over fashion sense and put on that puffy, orange jacket; it may be the best outfit you will ever wear in your life time!

If worse does come to worst, be prepared. Stop saying that you’ll learn CPR someday and take a class today, before you go to the lake. You won’t regret it.
On the Summer Fun,
Sufen Wang
Wang Solutions

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