Weather the Storm:

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Safeguard Your Financial Records against Rain, Sleet, and Snow…

It’s hurricane season. You have an evacuation plan, but will your financial/tax records and valuables also survive when disaster strikes?

Reconstructing records after a disaster is often essential for tax purposes, receiving federal assistance, and insurance reimbursement.

Taking the time to protect your data will save you a flood of tears when the storm clouds finally clear.

 The personal and business records you’ll need in order to prove your loss could be damaged – or even destroyed – in an emergency. You can safeguard your bank statements, tax returns, insurance policies, etc., by creating and frequently updating a backup set of records. This is much easier now that financial institutions provide electronic statements and make most of your financial information available online. Even if you only have paper copies of the original records, you can quickly scan these documents onto your computer.
Once all your information has been converted to an electronic format, just transfer it to a backup storage device, such as an external hard drive. Another option is to burn the files to a CD or DVD and create multiple copies. Along with many affordable online backup systems, many websites also offer free online storage with ample space for your electronic records; you can easily restore or access your files and keep them current with no hassle. Whether you do one or all of the above, ALWAYS insure that your data is password protected and kept in a secure location!
 For a full list of tips on preparing for a hurricane and other disasters…
check-out IR-2011-59.
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