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How to Get the Job Done Right When You Want to Get a Job…

Phone Interview:

Brrriingg brrriingg brrriingg! The telephone rings. It’s a prospective employer calling in regards to the cover letter and resume they received from you. They reviewed your application and think you might be the right person for the job, but first they’ll need some more information. What are you supposed to say?    

 Many job candidates find telephone interviews more difficult than in-person interviews. Accordingly, you should prepare before the phone rings. Once you send out your resume, always “assume” that you will get a telephone call and any phone call you receive from a potential employer is a “telephone interview.”  

The telephone interview is your gateway to the hiring process, and your objective is to sufficiently impress the caller so that a personal interview is arranged. However, it is impossible to read body languageover the phone. You will not have visual feedback, such as facial expressions, to help gauge your impact on the interviewer. Research has shown that in non face-to-face situations, communication revolves around nonverbal signals and tone of voice. Thus, on the telephone, the tone and rhythm of the conversation are as important as the words themselves.

Sit up straight! Your voice will project better and sound more energetic if you allow your diaphragm to fully expand. You can also exude enthusiasm. if you use vocal inflection. and avoid a monotone delivery. If you smile when you speak, it will positively affect your tone of voice, and the caller will be able to tell that you are smiling. Your main goal is to sound hirable on the telephone, so always speak loud and clear and avoid mumbling.

 It is a good idea to treat the phone interview as you would a face-to-face interview and prepare for it with the same care. You can even dress as if you are going to an in-person meeting, because it enhances your energy level and professional presence. However, always be aware that the caller can’t see you—can’t see your hand gestures, can’t see you taking notes, etc. – so don’t distract yourself with unnecessary movements. Most importantly, listen closely to the questions you are asked. Interviewers usually work from a specific list of points designed to find clues to your qualifications and inconsistencies in your resume. So, listen!

The key to a successful telephone interview is to present yourself in an articulate and organized manner. Make a significant point – something the interviewer will remember – and emphasize it through repetition. Once the interviewer indicates they have everything they need, make a closing statement and thank them for calling. If you followed all of the aforementioned tips and aced the phone interview, your potential employer should contact you soon about a JOB INTERVIEW…

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