Goodbye, Snail Mail: The IRS Goes Electronic

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snail mail

It looks like the IRS is finally catching up to the digital age.

People have been baffled for years at the IRS’ insistence on sending correspondence via snail mail, despite the fact that lost mail and extended delivery times can lead to delays in resolving taxpayer issues. But the IRS insists that security is paramount, and that e-mail simply isn’t secure enough to guarantee a taxpayer’s privacy.

But the IRS has been working on an encryption program to allow taxpayers and practitioners (i.e. accountants) to communicate securely with the IRS. They expect to start testing it in early 2012, although it’s still unclear which department or office will start using it.

Could it be that the days of fat, scary envelopes from the IRS are over? Stay tuned to find out.

On the Money,

Sufen Wang
Wang Solutions

REMEMBER: the IRS does not yet communicate by e-mail or any other electronic format. If you get any e-mail from a domain name of, DO NOT open it. It is not from the IRS or any of its agents/offices.

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